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Three advantages electronic ballast compare to magnetic ballast
2015-10-14 00:34:10

Fluorescent electronic ballast compare to magnetic ballast, three advantage as following:

A), As magnetic ballast comparison: high efficiency and energy saving: inductance ballast operating frequency 50Hz, electronic ballast operating frequency for 20~50KHZ, lamp at high frequency luminous efficiency is 10% higher than that of the frequency, and electronic ballasts than inductance ballast lighting brightness increase; other electronic ballast for its low power consumption, such as in the same brightness by electronic ballast inductance ballast energy-saving than about 20-30%; the inductor ballast increase indoor temperature rise summer need cooling air conditioner electricity is not included in the calculation. Hospital general lighting accounts for about 70%, the use of high performance electronic ballast can save 2 to 3 months of electricity, can gradually recover the cost of light, and reduce the cost of property operation
B), comfort: ballast will produce stroboscopic phenomenon, in this environment, learning visual fatigue. On the high speed rotating objects easy to produce the illusion, there is a risk of accident. And inductance ballast issued 50Hz noise, easy to make people irritable ent listen to phonic room in the use of fluorescent lighting, use of electronic ballasts, to prevent misdiagnosis; ward, waiting hall in the use of fluorescent lamps, should not use the magnetic ballast, mainly consider the stroboflash and noise will cause the patient's discomfort. Use of electronic ballasts can eliminate the stroboscopic, eyesight protection, market sales of the students support the eye lamp is the use of electronic ballast equipped trichromatic lamp design production. Electronic ballast with high performance and no stroboscopic, no noise, and eye and brain protection, and supporting the use of trichromatic lamp, good color, vivid color; high photosynthetic efficiency; low light decay; comfort; purification work, study and living environment; to improve work efficiency, advantageous patient rehabilitation; especially for in the ward, in the examining room lighting requirements significantly higher color places
C), safety: magnetic ballast due to its high power consumption, power consumption into heat, surface temperature rise, especially in the power grid voltage fluctuations, the temperature can reach 120~130 degrees, become a fire hazard, such an accident occurs. In the, the ballast can start up at +10, and the voltage is less than -5, and the grid voltage is less than 180V, and it is not easy to start. Inductance ballast power factor is low, about 0.4~0.6, the result of a large number of reactive power increases the lighting circuit and transformer capacity, thereby greatly increasing the line and transformer losses, but also increased the power loss, reduce the lighting quality, while the power grid operation has significantly increased the harmonic current, so the power grid and other equipment in the network cause interference and damage. High performance electronic ballast power factor is greater than or equal to 0.97, only about 3% of the non power loss, no power saving more than 45%; harmonic content is small, so that a small input current waveform distortion, the grid almost no pollution; and reduce the capacity of power supply equipment. Electronic ballast to wide working voltage range, can work normally with safety and in - 10 DEG C ~+50 DEG C environment, high reliable electronic ballast for high performance of the lamp tube has protective effect, lamp switch frequency of up to a million times, lamp without obvious nigrescent, in addition to guarantee to achieve the lamp nominal life outside, but also to extend the life 1.3 to 1.5 times.

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