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Why does the magnetic ballast oven important?
2015-10-14 00:04:45
Magnetic ballast drying process is very important, the time can't last too long, it's easy to paint cracking, also can't be short.
JAMES magnetic ballast oven with the time relay, when the constant temperature, time relay can be set according to the time value of the insulation, when the sound alarm, alarm time can be optional, automatically cut off after the alarm
Burner working power supply, such as second working part of the device must be restarted, heating can resume normal control. The structure of equipment to angle steel, channel steel frame, inside and outside the bile by Q235 thin plate
Production, in the middle filled with heat insulation materials, steel are treated by anti rust, the box surface spray paint. The studio side is equipped with four long axis air blower, so that the air circulation in the furnace; this device is a plus.
Heating, electric heating for tubular electric heating element, solid state relay, the control can be divided into two groups according to need and use or choose. The steps according to the drying box equipped with power load switch, properly connected power line and ground Line; check the electrical line, check whether the blower motor turns to the direction of the arrow. 
Temperature parameter setting temperature control instrument using the temperature parameter according to the product process set the time and time of the alarm delay time; the workpiece or try to push the drying box, and close the door
; open the power switch, starting the blower switch, electric heating switch; when the temperature of the drying oven box to reach the set temperature of the electric heating temperature control, the constant temperature time relay starts to work, and
After reaching the preset time value, close the heating power supply; the second part needs to restart the system; the drying box is equipped with over temperature alarm function, and the heating power can be automatically cut off when the temperature is over.
Alarm sound; over temperature generally does not occur, such as the occurrence of over temperature deposit, first close the mute switch, and carefully check electrical wiring, the confirmation after the open system. JAMES drying oven ensures the magnetic ballast paint is clean and beautiful.

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