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High Bay Light

High Bay Light 

1. 103 lum/ Watt system efficiency
2. Special design of reflex shade enhance thermal conductivity
3. Comfortable 96 Ra lighting simialr to natural sunlight
4. No risk of exploding bulbs
5. HID Lamps last over 15,000 hours
6. Brightness deterioration less than 20%
7. Patented electronic ballasts over 50,000 hours
8. Minimum maintenace eliminates labor maintenance cost
9. Save 80% energy cost compared to traditional lighting

HPS and MH bulbs powered with the James' HID ballast can now last 50,000 hours or more without suffering more than 5% degradation in light quality, light penetration, or efficiency performance for the entire extended mean time before failure rating or life of the HID bulb.


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