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150w hps Ballast Kit Multi-tap

150w hps Ballast kit to replace existing core and coil replace worn out ballasts.
150w hps Ballast features:
- Multi-tap voltage up to 120, 208, 240, 277 volt.
- For 150 watt hps lamps.
- High pressure sodium ballast kits for a complete change of an HID ballast.
- Works with LU150 mogul base HPS.

Product Description

150w hps Ballast Kit Multi-tap:
150w hps Ballast kit to replace existing core and coil ballasts. These are for standard HPS lamps and have everything you need. Operates a mogul lamp holder high pressure sodium lamp with a choice of 120, 208, 240, 270 volt.

150w hps Ballast  lighting fixtures are generally found in flood light fixtures, in street lights, or in hydroponic and aeroponic indoor gardens. The 150w hps Ballast lamps are an excellent light source for a long lasting bright light. Unfortunately, they won't run forever. Like any type of electrical equipment, high pressure sodium lamps will need occasional maintenance.

The most common part of an HPS lighting fixture that needs to be replaced will be the150w hps Ballast. It's easy to tell when your high pressure sodium ballasts begins to fail. The whole purpose of it is to provide the HPS bulb with a steady current, so if your light begins flickering, even with a new bulb, then it is definitely a good idea to take a closer look. If you think yourhigh pressure sodium ballasts are dying on you, then you'll probably need to get a replacement in the form of high pressure sodium ballasts kit.

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