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MH 400W electronic ballast

1. MH 400W electronic Ballast 2. high power factor and high light effect 3. super good quality, full protection for short circuit, overflow current, ignition failure protection etc. 4. easy startup, stable performance, long lifetime. 5. 5 years warranty (three years full and two years prorated) 6. CE,RoHS certificate

Product Description


Technical Data

Model MH-400W-D
Lighting Source Type 400W
Input Voltage 220V
Input voltage frequency 50/60Hz
Input current 1.93A
Power factor ≥0.95
Input power 425W
Start current 0.5A
Instant voltage sag 30%
Range of operating voltage 220V±15%
Total harmonic distortion <10%
Operating Temperature -20℃~+50℃
power efficiency 0.94
Dimension(L×W×H)mm 223×110×69
Net weight 1.26kg
Dimming Prset, PMW, R485, TTL
Warranty three years full and two years prorated

Technical Description

·Professional patented control software , simple circuit and stable performance
·Wide range of operation voltage, suitable for large voltage fluctuation circumstances
·A little current to start, expansion of lamps life and reduction of original installation charge
·Low voltage to start, suitable for low voltage circumstances
·High efficiency >94%,remarkable effect of saving energy
·High power factor, able to reduce initial installation cost
·Able to insure the invariableness of out power even if input power fluctuates
·Long line driven (The ballast can be installed far from lamp and is easy to maintain.)
·High quality of illumination, no frequent flash
·Low total harmonic distortion, little impact on power network
·Full protection: protection for open loop, short loop and hot lamp restart
·Low temperature rise, applicable to wind range of environmental temperature
·Light body
·HID electronic ballast 400W,Easy installation, without out-side starter, no compensation capacitor

Mounting Diagram


Testing Report


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