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UV germicidal lamp electronic ballast

UV Lamp Electronic Ballast Series
The UV lamp has three categories including UV-A、UV-B、UV-C,they can be used in different fields, such as medical sterilization, water treatment, insects killing, tanning bath, and plate exposure.Depending on the wattage of UV lamps and the number that one ballast can drive (from one to four tubes).









Product Description


1.Lamp Power(W):36-79 
2.Lamp Current(A):0.39-0.42 
3.CE Approve 
4.40~150W/110~240V AC Preheat Start 
Case Specifications

Ballast Case Size: 215 x 44 x 26mm
Ballast Weight: 0.36kg
Case Size: 400 x 270 x 170mm
Case Quantity: 40pcs
Case Weight: 15.50kg

Technical Specifications

Line Voltage: 230V AC
AC Source: 198-242V
Input Frequency: 50/60Hz
Operating Frequency: 28-50KHz
Max. Output Voltage: 600VRMS
Efficiency: ≥90%
Starting: Instant

Ambient Temjperature: -20~40
Max.Case Temp: 70
Input Line Length: 430mm
Output Line Length: 630mm
Signal Line Length: 630mm
Protection Degree: IP64


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