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The 1000W electronic ballasts
2013-03-08 06:52:34

Electronic ballasts, including successively connected filter circuit, the bridge rectifier circuit, the power factor correction circuit, the high frequency conversion circuit, and a starting circuit, further comprising a low-voltage DC power supply and pulse generating and drive circuit; said pulse generating anddrive circuit have full-bridge drive as well as four switch accelerator T11-T14; switch accelerator T11-T14 the input end of each connection consisting of resistor and capacitor in parallel current limiting acceleration circuit, each limited flow acceleration circuit with full bridge driver is the corresponding signalThe output end of the connection. Due to the high frequency conversion circuit and a pulse generating and driving circuit uses a full-bridge mode, output power can be reached more than 1000W electronic ballasts, the switching accelerator and a current limiting acceleration circuit to reduce the power loss of the FET, the stability and reliability of the circuit is also more bulb work in a state of constant power and high-frequency switching effectively extend the life of the bulb.


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