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Comparison of the 150W electronic ballast and magnetic ballast
2013-05-01 21:19:55

The comparison of the performance / price and running costs of the 150W electronic ballasts and magnetic ballast:
(1)150W metal halide lamp is almost the same structure and parameters of the American standard and European standard. Electronic ballast and magneitc ballast lighting system is available from the following factors used to evaluate the three-year operating costs.
Better output power of 150W Metal Halide Electronic Ballast, power loss of about 11W, most of the metal halide lighting in public places, use every day, and every year the number of days more, to set up a day 10 hours, 340 days a year, electricity is 0.7 RMB per kilowatt-hour. The total power of the electronic ballast lighting system 150W +11 W = 161W, three years with electricity for 0.7 RMB × (10H x 340D x 3Y x 0.161KW) and 1149.54 RMB, the average price of 140 RMB 150W metal halide electronic ballast electronic ballasts average life of three years, with an average
Early failure rate of 1%. Converted into electronic ballast unit price of about 141.4 RMB. Therefore, the three-year average operating costs of each 150W Metal Halide Electronic Ballast 1149.54 RMB +141.4 = 1290.94 RMB.
(2) as sufficient output power 150W metal halide magnetic ballast, conventional magnetic ballasts power loss of about 24W energy-saving ballast loss for 17W, by the same calculation
Ordinary three years with the electricity charges 0.7 RMB × (10H x 340D x 3Y × 0.174KW,) = $ 1242.36.
Energy-saving with electricity for 0.7 RMB × (10H x 340D x 3Y × 0.167KW,) = $ 1192.38.
Magnetic ballasts need to add triggers (average price of $ 10) to the lighting system power factor of 0.9, increase with the of 18μF compensation capacitor (the average price of 18 RMB), ignitor and capacitor set life of three years, the early failure rate of 1%, but the the magnetic ballasts average working life of 10 years, so the consumption of the three-year price depreciation.
Common type magnetic ballasts price of 65 RMB, early failure rate of 0.01%, three-year depreciation price of 65 RMB × 1.0001 × 0.3 + (10 +18) x 1.01 = $ 47.78.
Energy-saving ballast price of $ 80, early failure rate is almost zero, the price of 80 RMB three-year depreciation × 0.3 + (10 +18) x 1.01 = $ 52.28.

Note: the price of this article magnetic ballast have copper prices factors into account, the price at May 2013 prices.
Three-year running average price of a lighting system: (a three-year electricity to run plus three years depreciated value)
Electronic ballast lighting system: 1149.54 RMB +141.4 = 1290.94 RMB
Ordinary Magnetic ballast lighting system: 1242.36 RMB +47.78 = 1290.14 RMB
Energy-saving ballast lighting system: 1192.38 RMB +52.28 = 1244.66 RMB
Contrast can be seen from the above examples, for general lighting applications, energy-saving metal halide magnetic ballasts lighting system three years the lowest operating costs, metal halide electronic ballast lighting system with metal halide Magnetic ballast almost the same as the running costs of the lighting system three years. In addition, some areas in the south, use the air-conditioning time of the year up to 6 months, then the electronic ballasts its own power consumption, self-heating caused by the indirect generation of energy-saving air-conditioning system, according to the The calculation principles within three years of cumulative indirect cost saving compared with conventional magnetic ballasts can be calculated,
(24W-11W) × 0.001 × 0.7 × 10 × (340 × 6/12) = $ 15.47
Within three years of cumulative indirect cost saving compared with the energy-saving ballasts can be calculated
(17W-11W) × 0.001 × 0.7 × 10 × (340 × 6/12) = $ 7.14, if you count the indirect saving factor on these occasions, 150W metal halide electronic ballast lighting system three years of operating costs The capacitor is lower than ordinary metal halide the Magnetic ballast lighting system, but still significantly higher than the energy-efficient metal halide the Magnetic ballast lighting system.
Lighting of moving objects such as table tennis hall, badminton hall, tennis courts, and photography, camera where the metal halide electronic ballast unique strobe function so it can replace the original low-light efficiency tungsten halogen lamps , which received significant energy savings, saving up to 60% in the same lighting conditions, the average than charge halogen incandescent light system. We should say that this is metal halide electronic ballast to the survival and development of the most important direction. Magnetic ballast stroboscopic effect is difficult to apply these moving objects lighting applications.


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