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250 watt Metal Halide Floodlight
2014-01-01 06:29:31

The James Lighting - 250 watt Metal Halide Floodlight In Black IP65 is a powerful and professional light choice which is perfect for use in security applications or in yard lighting where high illumination may be needed. 

This floodlight features a die-cast aluminium construction which promotes a durable and lightweight design. It also features an asymmetrical light distribution which promotes high illumination of objects at the right angles. 
Featuring a black coloured appearance, and an IP65 rating, this powerful floodlight is perfect for providing protection against water and changing weather conditions with its waterproof properties. It accommodates for 250W E40 lamp holder metal halides and is user friendly. 250 watt metal halide floodlight is for use domestically along with use in the industrial, commercial and retail sectors.
The 10,000 hour metal halide lamp is included and produces a 21,000 lumen output, equivalent to that of two 500 watt tungsten halogen floodlights. The crisp white light makes this type of floodlight ideal for use with CCTV and other recording equipment should you wish to use it for this application opposed to the yellower tones which are produced by sodium floodlights.
The black floodlight body takes a 250 watt E40 (GES) cap fitting only and an adjustable wall mount bracket is supplied. This floodlight also comes complete with internal HQI control gear too.
The metal halide floodlight has a solid die cast metal construction which is weatherproof to an IP65 rating and the symmetrical reflector provides a wide beam of light. The floodlight requires fixing to a solid, secure surface along with mains wiring which should only be carried out by a qualified electrician.
Commercial 250W Metal Halide Floodlight suitable security or yard lighting, etc.
(Black) Die-cast aluminium, so it's light and durable.
Asymmetrical light distribution, so objects can be highlighted at required angles.
IP65 rated, so the product is protected against the ingress of dust and against standard water jets with a nozzle.
Size: 425mm H x 410mm W x 140mm Deep
Available Colours: Black
Lamp: 250W E40 Metal Halide
Installation: To be fitted by a licensed electrician. Please see our directory for your nearest electrical contractor. 

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