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How to install the ballast and metal halide lamps?
2013-06-23 07:22:44

1. metal halide lamp and ballast must be kept at a distance 50 meters, ballast to function correctly.
2, please install the prescribed manner.
3, ceramic metal halide electronic ballast shell heat through, unless otherwise adequate cooling measures, otherwise, do not put it in the embedded device.
4, ceramic metal halide electronic ballast non-independent installation, installation should be away from flammable materials, ambient air non-corrosive, explosive media and conductive dust, no severe vibration and shock sites. Please keep the top surface of the ceramic metal halide electronic ballast and side with other substances, the distance between the at least 10 centimeters.
5, the user can not service any internal components. For repairs must find a manufacturer to complete.
6, the installation, be sure to distinguish between the ballast input and output.
7, the electronic ballast external power cord to RVB line is appropriate, conductor cross-sectional area ≥ 1mm2, should ensure its reliable connection.
8, if the high pressure gas discharge lamp in a heat lamp status, ballasts start time extension is normal.
9, in the three-phase four-wire power supply system, the midline allowed mounted switch and fuse, and the greater intensity of neutral wire should be used to prevent its disconnected.
10, the ground must be reliably connected to earth.
11, in the absence of cutting off the power before replacing lamps and hurried move ballast location.
12, please use the manufacturer's recommended light source and ballast supporting the use, do not use more than the rated life of the lamp.
● Troubleshooting
If using this product lighting, bright lights, first check the wiring if there is short circuit, open circuit, the input voltage, etc., check again after the power switch is closed, the ballast to work.

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