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400 or 600 watt HPS lamps for grow lights
2014-04-17 19:11:29

400 or 600 watt lamp to specifications. Set the switch to 400 watts, insert a 400 watt lamp into your lamp socket and the electronic ballast will operate the 400 watt lamp. Change the switch to match and operate a 600 watt lamp.

This is a premium quality high output digital electronic ballast made specifically for horticultural use. Others sell digital electronic ballasts made for commercial lighting applications which DO NOT operate at normal output levels. These "other" ballasts are made for one thing: saving electricity. In the process, they sacrifice light output for energy saving. They simply do not run the bulb to it’s full potential. Plant growth is directly related to the amount of light they receive. If your plants receive less light, they will not grow as well as they should. With this High Output Digital Electronic Ballast from Digital Greenhouse you still obtain substantial energy savings AND experience high light output from your 600 watt bulbs than other digital electronic ballasts. This means you will achieve MORE OVERALL PLANT GROWTH and HIGHER PLANT YIELDS.

 Use the HPS ballasts to dim the output of a 600 watt lamp. Adjust the switch to 400 and the ballast will dim the 600 watt lamp to 400. Lamps are only dimmable on wattages lower than the specified lamp wattage.

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