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400 watt high pressure sodium ballast for grow lights
2014-04-17 18:05:31

High Pressure Sodium 400 watt grow light system includes a top quality HPS ballasts, super efficient reflector hood, and high performance lamp / grow light bulb.The brightest grow lights are high-intensity discharge (HID) lights. They can be installed anywhere in your home, garage, or greenhouse to supplement existing light, and they can serve as the sole source of light for your plants.

400W High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Bulb


Power: 400 watts (High efficiency)

Rated Life: 24,000 hours

Lumens: 50,000 lumens

Color Temperature: 2,100K

Strong power to penetrate fog

High output, high luminescence efficiency.

Fits all standard 400 watts HPS grow light systems

These bulbs pass electricity through a glass or ceramic tube containing a mixture of gases. The blend of gases determines the color of the light given off by each type of lamp. HID lights are twice as efficient as fluorescent lamps; one 400-watt HID lamp emits as much light as 800 watts of fluorescent tubing.400 Watt High Pressure Sodium ballast for safety and is manufactured by James Lighting, a leading manufacturer of horticultural lighting fixtures and bulbs.

The ballast is housed in a remote, steel ballast enclosure and features an innovative "thermal chimney". The "thermal chimney" actually separates the box into two sections - one for the ballast and the other for the components - igniter and capacitor. The "thermal chimney" keeps the components cooler by not allowing heat from the ballast to reach them. It is a thermal protective barrier between the magnetic choke and the components. The result is a cooler running unit with longer component and ballast lifespan. This ballast and housing are built to last. The innovative "thermal chimney" allows for effective cooling without the use of air vents and open ports inherent in other systems that allow for dirt, dust and water to contaminate the ballast system.

Key Hole Brackets on both the handle and bottom of unit for either ceiling or wall mounting,10' grounded power cord for use with standard household outlets

High pressure sodium lighting systems produce a red/orange spectrum which is an ideal choice if you wish to encourage rapid fruiting, flowering and budding. Our high pressure sodium lighting systems are second to none and provide everything you need to start lighting your hydroponic garden: bulbs, grow light reflectors, ballasts, socket assembly, lamp cords and more. Our high pressure sodium lighting systems are very high quality and come with bulb and ballast warranties. Choose from compact high pressure sodium lighting systems, vertical systems, horizontal systems, Hydrofarm sodium lighting systems, James Lighting Supply systems and many, many more. Select a basic high pressure sodium lighting system or upgrade the bulbs – there are many options for all your growing needs.

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