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400W 600W 1000W Hydroponic Electronic Ballast
2014-08-18 08:44:13

HPS/MH Dimmable 400W 600W 1000W Hydroponic Electronic Ballast
Specifications include:
1. High power factor, stable power control, power factor>0.99, has a built-in adaptive control system that guarantees Longood EB normal operation;
2. Efficiency is high, energy-saving achieved 30%, extend lamps life;
3. Automatic modulating, full-functional protection;
4. Modulating frequency, no acoustic resonance;
5. AR/EB can adapt different electric webs voltage, the rated operating voltage includes:85V to 305V

Advantages of electronic ballasts are:
Silent operation
Light weight
Low running temperature
No high start-up current
Resonant (soft) start technology; extending lamp life
A few electronic ballasts maintain lumen output throughout the life of the lamp

1, Voltage input range: 85Vac~305Vac
2, Rating V. In: 120V220Vac
3, Input frequency: 50Hz~60Hz
4, Power factor: ≥0.99(Rating V. In)
5, Efficiency: 95 %( Max)
6, THD: 10%
1, Output power: 1000W±5%
2, Current crest factor: 1.7
3, Output frequency:> 30KHZ
4, Protection of short circuit: Available
5, Protection of open circuit: Available
6, Protection of ignition failure: Available
7, Protection of thermal: Available
8, Protection of end of lamp life: Available
1, Weight:3.0KG
2, Max. Lamp distance from ballast ≤15.50m
3, Operating temperature range: -30~+55
4, Dimension (L X W X H): 350X105X67 (mm)
5, Max case temperature (T C): 90

1. The warranty is 3 years.
2. Color can be other solid color.
3.It can be control by switch or remote controller.

Grow Ballast, Electronic Ballast 1000W:
HPS Ballast 1000W
1) Input Voltage Range: 120V, 208V, 240V
2) Input frequency: 50/60Hz
3) Power factor: >0.99
4) Efficiency: 95 %( Max)
5) THD: <10%
6) Current crest factor: <1.5
7) Max. Lamp distance from ballast: 15m/49ft
8) Ambient temperature: -25 ~ +50 Centigrade
9) Enclosure temperature rising: 30 Centigrade
10) Safety protection: IP21

1. Fast start-up, reach full brightness quickly
2. Saves energy! Increase efficiency over magnetic ballasts
3. Extremely efficient - 99.9% power factor.
4. Soft Starting-increases lamp life & reduces lumen depreciation
5. Operate HPS or MH lamps.
6. Anodized, extruded aluminum housing.
7. Lightweight, compact, completely silent
8. More efficient cooling design- Enclosure temperature rise t: <35°C (95°F)
9. Rubber feet reduce noise and vibration
10. Short circuit protection.
11. Constant wattage output-no lamp flickering
12. Available in 220-240V and 110-120V/250W,400W,600W,1000W.

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