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400Watt high pressure sodium ballast
2013-05-23 08:57:35

220V voltage HID ballasts. 400W sodium lamp operating voltage of about 100V, current is approximately 3.4A, if not through the power factor correction, power supply current is about 4 amps. After correction capacitor, the current can be reduced to about 2A,but only for reference.

The flood light is made from the capacitors, ignitor and high pressure sodium ballasts,James HID ballast and all materials are in accordance with Class H (180 ℃) insulating material design, through rigorous computer detection system test performance; through a computer monitor inter-turn insulation test; advanced production technology, using automatic CNC winding process; automation assembly methods; automatic welding. Stable performance, compact structure, long life. Life products through rigorous testing to ensure that the 400W high pressure sodium ballastcan work continuously for 8 years.


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