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What's the 400w ballast?
2013-05-09 09:51:53

A 400W bulb, a capacitor, ballast and ignitor:

400W Ballast played a role in limiting and generating instantaneous pressure device, it is made ​​in the silicon steel core made ​​of enameled wire wrapped around the core of the coil in such a band, in the instant ON / OFF power-on, self-inductance of the high voltage electrodes at both ends of the fluorescent tube (filament). This action is carried out alternately, when the starter (hop bulbs) closed, the lamp filament current limiting ballast conduction heat; when the the starter open circuit, The flow will be self-inductance high voltage is applied to both ends of the lamp filament, filament emission electron bombardment wall light-emitting phosphor, starter repeated several times on and off, and will be repeated several times this kind of action, so as to open up the lamps. When the lamp light, resistance becomes small, starter always left open so that the current through the lamp, ballast work, normal light the lamp.

General understanding for the the: 400W ballast power factor is 95%, the electric power consumption of the 400W ballast itself is: 20W, that is set 400W metal halide light source has a power factor of the metal halide ballast,power consumption is about 40W, which is still relatively good brand of ballast,
W = Pt = 420W * 1H = 0.42KWH = 0.42 kWh. Basic is a half hour of electricity around


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