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HID Electronic Ballasts
2012-08-28 16:33:50

Electronic Metal hadilde Ballasts & High pressures sodium ballasts:
•Compare to magnetic metal halide ballasts and high pressure sodium ballasts, Highest system efficiency due to lower Electronic ballastslosses and improved lumen maintenance
• Perfect for programmable constant lumen systems  - Constant light output and daylight harvesting • Improved lamp color uniformity due to optimized lamp power regulation • 30% increase in pulse start lamp mean lumens compared to standard probe start metal halide ballasts and high pressure sodium ballasts
James Lighting announces our new line of HID electronic ballasts to complement our comprehensive line of metal halide ballasts and high pressure sodium ballasts for HID lamps. With magnetic ballasts for all HID lamp types (mercury vapor, metal halide, pulse start metal halide and high-pressure sodium) for applications ranging from 35 - 1500 watts and electronic ballasts for Metal Halide lamps ranging from 20 - 150 watts, James has your HID ballasts requirements covered.
Looking for a quality ballast at a great price? We have electronic ballasts,metal halide ballasts and high pressure sodium ballasts you need to make your lighting installation a success.

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