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How does Lighting develop in china?
2012-11-10 05:45:05

Traditional lighting industry in the development process, there is a very clear definition phase, such as: the beginning of the fluorescent lighting, fluorescent tubes, 2-3 lighting companies to define a fluorescent tube, T8 tube. Then defined by Philips line of high-end price, the line of the Foshan Lighting the definition of low-end price, Huaqiang lighting is zoned to a bottom line. After all done fluorescent tube product pricing as a benchmark, etc. So to the belated enterprise setting a threshold.

city street lights

city street lights

Three male Aurora rise by the ballast, NVC reliable lamp cup and transformers, Op ceiling lamps … they are defined in the product competition stage category status, complete the entry channel competition the stage by leaps and bounds, and then transition to a brand stage. So, in the past few years the LED industry such enterprises like Op, NVC also is not too much.

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