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How to choose the HPS ballast for street lights?
2012-11-10 05:57:11
HPS ballast for street lights

HPS ballast for street lights

With the growing improvement of road lighting, street lamps majority of high-power light source, but in some places after 23:00, the traffic and pedestrians have been very scarce, so appropriate to reduce the output power of the lamp, in order to achieve the purpose of energy saving.
The James Lighting production of energy-efficient high-pressure sodium lamps, HPS ballasts, pre-set time, change the ballast impedance, reducing the current to the light source to run at about 50-60% of the rated power. Then, just under 50% of the road illumination, and fully meet the requirements of the road lighting (traffic safety).
Change Price power conversion Usually 4,5,6 hours, can also be based on user requirements and design, the system is in the power conversion at the same time, the power factor of the line is also automatically adjusted to the best condition, to reduce the loss of the line, so the price of hps ballasts has high energy-saving (saving 30% -50%), low power consumption, low temperature, long life, low price

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