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The 600W high pressure sodium electronic ballast
2013-05-06 09:35:36

High pressure sodium lamp is a high performance high-intensity gas discharge lamp, the advantages of high luminous efficiency, long life, good light color, so widely used. With all of the gas discharge light source,high pressure sodium ballasts negatively V-I characteristic, that need to suppress the lamp current, and the need to start the gas breakdown voltage of 5 ~ 20kV. Bulky traditional magnetic ballasts, power factor is low (only 0.3 to 0.4), and the ability to adapt to the voltage fluctuations is not strong, the development of the higher cost of electronic ballasts instead of magnetic ballasts the general trend. Have been developed high-pressure sodium lamp electronic ballasts are high frequency electronic ballast, at high frequencies, high pressure sodium lamp is easy to extinction, and there is the problem of acoustic resonance. To avoid acoustic resonance, have been developed 600W high pressure sodium electronic ballast with a frequency modulation technology, high pressure sodium lamp current operating frequency moment around the center frequency up and down change. The start part of the LC series resonant circuit generates a high voltage, simple and reliable.

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