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Magnetic HPS ballast VS Electronic ballast
2012-11-10 05:58:22

In the circuit of the high-pressure sodium lamps, ballast with the bulb supporting the use of the magnetic ballast or electronic ballast . Inductive HPS ballasts inductance coil and silicon steel loop made of non-closed like and specialized leaves a very small gap, so that the magnetic field is non-saturated, and thus play a role of stable current. Electronic ballast the name suggests it is a the electronic components overcast flow devices, but also the implementation of energy-saving lighting products in recent years, it has low power consumption, small size, light weight, high power factor, instant start bulbs; currently in low-power gas discharge lamp (CFL) wider application of high-power gas discharge lamp, and greater difficulty of domestic energy James Lighting Technology Corporation. has begun successfully developed a low-frequency square wave power gas discharge the gas lamp electronic ballast

hps ballasts

hps ballasts

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