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What kind of color on the desk lamp damage is low
2015-06-26 22:23:15

Family selection of eye care can not ignore the use of the products of all aspects, then it should be measured from several aspects of it?
Conditional one uses high frequency electronic ballast,light ballast is a part of necessary fittings, it can be roughly divided into two kinds of ballasts and, now on the market reason not each a light inside can see it, not because it was not needed, but because with the progress of science and technology, more and more the product of lamps and lanterns of integration. So from the appearance can not see. 80 series of two series light source with high color index
Simply speaking, color rendering index higher light source, reproduction of color closer to natural color, that is, to show the true colors of the object, of course, looking at comfortable, not easy to cause visual fatigue.

JAMES's 25W table lamp:
Brightness of 1700 lumens brightness, the equivalent of 3.5 60W of ordinary incandescent lamps.
The color index is greater than 80, vivid natural color, true color reproduction of the object.
Electronic ballast, built-in professional instant start, no flicker, quiet, safe and reliable.
The average life of the light source is 6000 hours, which is equivalent to 6 times that of the incandescent lamp.

Table lamp type support eye lamp: with the price of 200 ~ 300 RMB for the market mainstream products, in particular, to put forward is now in order to meet consumer needs, many brands also launched the "sit" and "clip" dual-purpose lamp holder design. By Philips launched Ruishi, face, soft, such as a desk lamp, for example, with the lamp with a Xpress holder can meet the demands placed on the desk, and can meet the vertical or horizontal fixed on the wall or the computer desk side along the need

JAMES Suggestions:

Led lighting is a green light source: low voltage, low power consumption; stable performance, long life (100000 hours); impact resistance, vibration resistance; LED lighting products can provide light environment quality, enhance the light efficiency of lighting system, no infrared and ultraviolet composition, color high and has strong luminous direction; the dimming performance is good, the temperature change will be generated when the visual error; cold light low heat, safe touch; improve the glare, reduce and eliminate light pollution. Zero flicker, the eye will not produce fatigue phenomenon. No electromagnetic radiation, to prevent radiation pollution. It can protect the brain can provide comfortable illumination space, and can well satisfy the need of people's physical health, environmental health source. Long term use can protect eyesight, prevent myopia.


High quality light source is the foundation of green lighting. The high quality light source should have the following three aspects.

First, the spectral composition should be no ultraviolet and infrared light. Long term excessive ultraviolet, not only easily lead to keratitis, will to the lens, retina, choroid, etc. damage. Infrared easily by water absorption, infrared by extraordinary eye lens gathered that is absorbed by a large number of excessive, as time passes crystalline experience degeneration, leading to cataract.

Second, the color temperature of light should be close to the natural light. People living in the natural light, the eye of natural light adaptability, good visual effect.

Third, the lights for no frequency flash. Common fluorescent lamp power supply frequency is 50 Hz, said light per second bright dark 100 times, belongs to low-frequency strobe light, will make the eye regulatory organ in tension state regulation, lead to visual fatigue. If light when the frequency is increased to a few hundred, tens of thousands of Hz above become high frequency, the human eye is not a stroboscopic feeling; but really no stroboscopic is DC power supply or solid semiconductor light-emitting device (such as light of LED light emitting diode) issued called no frequency flash.

On the market called no stroboscopic eye protection desk lamp many. Most of the table lamp with electronic ballast to increase the frequency of, can only be described for high frequency flash instead of real stroboscopic lamp.

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