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Does the Ballasts for mercury lamp and metal halide lamp exchange?
2015-08-25 07:50:41

High pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, etc. need to add voltage higher than the power supply voltage to start. General different types of HID lamps are required to add 0.6 ~ 5.0kV of the pulse high voltage. The electronic ignitor is a device that can generate a pulse high pressure to start a light bulb.

When the lamp is ignited, the pulse high voltage disappears, and the electronic ignitor stops working in parallel. The electronic ignitor depends on the ballast winding up high-voltage isolation or as a part of the starting system. It must be able to withstand repeated pulse high pressure without damage. In some lighting lines, ballast as starting system of a component with the ignitor matching, this kind of ballast to be specially made and coil ballast pump turns and connection identification should comply with the design requirements of the ignitor. Otherwise, any incorrect matching can cause the lamp can not work, affect the life of the lamp, lead to the destruction of the ballast or ignitor series start: the pulse high voltage generated by the electronic ignitor directly applied to the bulb at both ends to start the lamp, and the ballast is not high pressure pulse. Therefore, and no more special requirements below 100W power HID lamps and part of the new development of energy-saving HID lamp ballast, a week to the ignitor pulse number index still has special requirements, multi pulse ignitor easier to start lighting, so it is more suitable to ensure the lamp life and performance according to the test: about figure 6a-d lighting lines in the, when the rise of the power supply voltage to the rated value + 105%, the lamp power increased by 12%; when the power supply voltage up to rated value +110%, lamp power about increased 28% to 30%. And lighting line e due to the LC peak ballast in advance, when the rise of the power supply voltage to the rated value 110%, lamp power only increase 15% about. As the power supply voltage changes to the lamp power, so the power supply voltage must be controlled within 105% of the rated voltage. Otherwise it will seriously affect lamp ballast life

Metal halide lamps from the start to the stable to a few minutes to see figure, lamp again started to after a few minutes to 20 minutes cooldown, in some places, double ended metal halide lamp configuration hot start device can quick start lighting metal halide lamps types and different, different types of metal halide lamps the corresponding electrical and lighting circuit requirements is not the same, common lighting circuit shown in figure, metal halide lamps can not be like high pressure sodium lamp that a types of metal halide lamp lighting for various lines. Lighting circuit configuration is not reasonable may make the lamp does not work, or shorten the service life of the lamp, the damage to electric appliances and lighting metal halide lamps from the discharge tube to points, there are two kinds of short arc (spherical) and long arc (VVM), the volume of spherical metal halide lamps can be made very small, which is easy to install in a compact form of lamps and lanterns. Usually high intensity gas discharge lamp in the electrode after aging may rectifying effect, especially for spherical discharge tube lighting, in the lighting circuit appear rectifying effect of lighting, will result in the failure of ballast, the current flowing in the circuit, overheating of the ballast burned. Usually small power metal halide lamp mostly with spherical discharge tube production, so lighting lines should be protecting device, commonly used have two ways: at first the mercury ballast installed thermal relay protection, the second is in lighting circuit connected in series a slow fuse fuse, the fuse capacity is two times of the rated current.

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