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Abnormal state protection circuit for electronic ballast
2015-08-12 08:53:06

Electronic ballast generally uses LC series resonant mode, when the lamp is not started, the start of the capacitor at both ends of the 700V to generate a peak high voltage start fluorescent lamp. This circuit is simple and practical, but when the fluorescent tubes appear abnormal phenomenon (such as light tube leakage, light aging, etc.), the high voltage of the lamp tube can not be started. This state is equivalent to the ballast load open circuit, and the characteristics of the LC series resonant circuit, the resonant capacitor ends, not only continue to produce 700V above the open circuit peak voltage, and the circuit of the electronic ballast current up to 1A above).

Continuous open circuit voltage spikes extremely easy to cause the ballast power triode tube breakdown, and large resonant current will cause the power transistor tube overload burned so reliably work to ensure the safety of electronic ballasts must be set the abnormal state protection circuit for fast and reliable. The basic control principle of the abnormal state protection circuit is that when the lamp is abnormal, the protection circuit is fast and accurately, the ballast circuit or the power supply of the main circuit is closed.

We also have as similar products on the market to the products and abnormal protection T5 lamp is not installed, the price is the market to about quality assurance:The lamp guarantee 1 year,The ballast guarantee 3 years.

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