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What's the Aluminum high bay light fixture?
2014-01-08 06:57:46
High bay light are used to illuminate industrial areas with higher ceiling height anywhere from 20 to 40 feet. They are also a preferred choice of lighting for places that require to be illuminated from a distance of 20 feet or above. Inspite being installed at a distance from the line of vision, they provide light uniformity and low glare.
High Bay Lighting provides dense intense lighting with a noticeable clarity. It works best for workshops lighting, warehouses lighting, gym lighting, production factories lighting, assembly line lights, conference halls lighting,  any industrial application and commercial lighting applications.
Aluminum high bay light fixture with 150,250 or 400 watt providing instant-on capability with excellent energy efficiency. The high illumination comes with a choice of high wattage compact fluorescent with a screw-in base.  The housing is powered to a 120 volt standard grounded plug. It doesn't get any easier to save energy conveniently. You'll be able to use these in warehouses, gymnasiums, plant lighting and much more. The reflector of the aluminum high bay light fixture is a spun metal reflector, for directed light from higher ceilings.
Slide-on, die-cast aluminum mounting box with opening for 3/4" conduit
Durable, heavy-duty housing for performance in harsh environments
Integral hinge for easy maintenance with optional tool-less entry
Standard white polyester, powder-paint finish
High power factor ballast with class H insulation
Minimum temperature: -40°C (-40°F) HPS, -30°C (-20°F) MH and MP
Staggered mounting bosses for eight-position socket adjustment
Stainless steel latches provide easy access for tool-less relamping
- Choice of  150,250 or 400 watt lamp included.
- Instant-on.
- 120 volt.
- Excellent color rendition. 
- Construction: One piece 16.5 inch aluminum reflector, includes lamp with hanging hook. 
- Easy to install connecting to 120/227 volt standard grounded outlet.

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