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The PWM technology and Automotive HID lamp ballasts
2013-03-07 06:45:46

The digital control to achieve soft switching PWM technology and Automotive HID lamp ballasts , including power management module, flyback DC-DC converter, the main core module, the current auxiliary network, DC - AC converter, step-up circuit; characterized bymain core module including microcontroller, respectively connected to the input of microcontroller I / O interface, and the A / D converter module and connected to the microcontroller output of digital PWM module; also includes the connection between the power management module and the current auxiliary networkflyback DC-DC converter, and the MOS switch between the tube with the I / O interface connected to the flyback DC-DC converter drain-source voltage sampling circuit; digital output of the PWM module with flyback DC-DC converter MOScontrol input terminal connected to the gate of the switching tube and the DC - AC converter. Flyback DC converter MCU digital control method to control the drive signal to achieve soft switching PWM control HID lights. The model can effectively simplify the hardware structure of the HID ballast, as well as to reduce the overall power consumption and heat.

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