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What's the B2 fluorescent ballasts?
2013-05-27 08:43:40

Core Ballast is making silicon enameled wire wrapped around a core made ​​of such a coil with a core, the instantaneous power failure, it will produce high inductance, added to both ends of the fluorescent tube electrode (filament ) on.
Class B2  fluorescent ballasts:

Power: 18/20W, 36/40W, 58/65W
Voltage: 220V-240V
Frequency: 50/60Hz

B2 fluorescent ballasts have passed TUV, CE, RoHS certification, ballast silicon steel using AISC 800 authentic, painted using automatic vacuum impregnation.
Vacuum impregnation advantages:
1 reduces noise and vibration ballast
2 reduce the temperature rise
3 smooth surface without paint bubble
4 Reduce the number of turns and short-circuit



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