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What's the CFL high bay light fixtures?
2014-01-08 06:17:43

CFL high bay light fixtures are an energy saving, easy to install light. A wide spread makes it possible to use less fixtures creating good crossover illumination. This is a common type of light fixture for warehouse lighting but it's also used for retail lighting. It provides an industrial look while still delivering high light output and energy savings. Because they typically come with a hook and plug, that makes it easy to move if future plans change your spacing situation.

Designed for James's high bay wattage self ballasted compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), the high bay fixtures are constructed of acrylic or spun aluminum for durability. Ideal for indoor applications, including warehouses, gymnasiums, factories and convention halls, the high bay High Bay fixtures fit all E39 lamp holder(mogul) high bay CFLs and come with a hook and cord for easy installation.

Applications:Commercial / retail applications where color rendering and instant-on characteristics are desired

For use in multipurpose, gymnasium, auditorium environments where multiple light levels and high quality of lighting are critical

For light industrial, assembly and general purpose applications where lighting control and consistent light output is required

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