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CFL high bay
2014-01-12 04:16:45

CFL high bay light fixtures are an energy saving, easy to install light. A wide spread makes it possible to use less fixtures creating good crossover illumination.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs contain a gas that produces ultraviolet light when electricity passes into the bulb from an electronic ballast at the base of the bulb. This light isn't visible to the human eye until it interacts with a special coating on the inside of the bulb, which converts the ultraviolet light into the visible light spectrum. This is a more efficient use of electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs.

High bay lighting fixtures include lamp, body, socket, reflector, drop lens and malleable hook. Hook can be removed and fixture can be direct thread mounted to 3/4" conduit.The high bay lighting fixture includes a 16 inch acrylic prismatic reflector with 16 inch acrylic drop lens.

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