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Chandelier bulb replacement notes
2015-07-03 06:52:00
Chandelier lighting in the process of cleaning, such as the replacement of light bulbs, the proposed selection of good quality, long life of brand-name products, crystal lamp for light bulbs, need to pay attention to the following:

1, regular inspection: hanging lamp in an important position or place more People are hurrying to and fro. its security, stability should be the first. The headlights often weigh several hundred kilograms, in case of corruption, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. So, we should regularly sent checks used in the smallpox embedded parts and bearing hook, chain, prevent aging and undetected, lead to an accident.

2, timely updates: possible, should be checked at the same time, the performance of the wire is intact, and found sticky, aging, that is to change, to ensure safety

3, professional maintenance: a large lamp circuit complexity (grading unlit), it is best to hire a lighting company of professional and technical personnel for cleaning, maintenance, and the expense is not much, easy to repair and is safe and reliable

4, crystal ball dust: if the conditions, a former grade crystal bead selection, can consider the hanging on the good quality of the senior crystal beads; good quality senior crystal bead surface with dust treatment process, not easy to stick dust, the effect is better。

5, chandelier Renovation: normally, the real plating 24K GOLD CHANDELIER, generally five years or longer notcolor; but consider five years after re turn a power, that is, new feeling, but the price is absolutely than for a new chandelier.

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