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What's the Combined reflective energy saving lamps?
2013-06-10 02:19:53

Combined reflective energy saving lamps, including: ballast kits system, lamp holder, the insulating housing, lamp, plastic parts spiro and lighting systems. Wherein: said rectifier system parts and lighting system section split design can be flexibly off loaded. Said rectifier between the parts of the illumination system via the base contact. The screw cap is a ceramic lamp. Under the shade with the insulating housing threaded connections. The shade and the lower insulating housing is provided with a threaded connection plastic spiro ring. Spiro said plastic material for the high temperature of the PBT. The utility model has a cooling, thermal insulation, good performance, high safety, long life, easy folding equipment, the use of low cost and low maintenance costs, application performance, promote the value of advantages can be widely used in commercial lighting and lighting engineering fields.


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