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Commercial lighting
2012-11-21 08:26:32

Generation of commercial lighting from the birth of the public commercial establishments Service in the needs of the commercial spaces lighting system for commercial occasions. The first business in accordance with the lighting used in homes, factories, schools, office buildings and other places with little difference with large versatility, as long as the lights used where there is no distinction in the strict sense. As the socio-economic development, people's living standards improve, the scale of infrastructure construction in cities around the grade is also rising, section by section, "lit up" project implementation are becoming more common. In this context, the commercial lighting industry rapid development and expansion of the concept of the modern commercial lighting gradually clear up. Can take given, the service can be included in the concept of the commercial lighting in commercial buildings, such as the large and medium-sized shopping malls, trade centers, supermarkets and traditional architecture, specialty shops and commercial office complexes and other occasions lighting system and its related facilities. Fusion of modern lighting technology factors, on the basis of the traditional commercial lighting control technology, energy requirements, and environmental protection standards and product aesthetic elements constitute the modern commercial lighting systems.

Modern commercial lighting apparently adhering on the basis of the traditional commercial lighting with more meaning. First have a scientific definition for the light source used in a specific business environment illuminance, color temperature, light source color and more accurate estimates, unlike the initial visual assessment upon request; Second, the goal of the modern commercial lighting of targeted, often require a specific design in order to reach the highlight of a function to heighten the environment, to reflect specific commercial nature and characteristics; Third, the nature of the modern commercial lighting decided by the purpose of illuminating, often using the means of rendering the atmosphere regional multi-point way with audience interaction state of the light source, the light color space combination; fourth, with the use of high-tech computer controlled technology, to the dynamic, changing, specific procedures; fifth, with the compact light source development, hid ballasts and other ultra-small, ultra-thin, a variety of new technologies, new technology lamps with electrical accessories continue to adopt modern business according lamps are to the development of small, practical and multi-functional; sixth by a single lighting function is transformed to the lighting and decoration try direction. A total, with the progress of the times, the technical means of modern commercial lighting, lighting aesthetic ideas are constantly updated.

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