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Common light bulbs in life
2015-07-08 05:05:58

The earliest use of electric light source is incandescent, is our usual said the electric light. It is according to the principle of thermal radiation is made, the tungsten filament to red hot, only a small part of the energy is converted into visible light, electricity consumption can mostly transformed into heat energy, the light emission efficiency is low. So incandescent lamps waste a lot of energy. To emit visible light tungsten to 500 DEG, with increasing temperature, gradually changes from red to orange and white. Incandescent lamp that emits light is light, but the proportion of various colors of light is by luminous material (W) and temperature, the ratio imbalance will lead to partial color color, so in incandescent light the color of objects not true (that is, the color of not high), which is in shopping malls and other public places without the use of incandescent lighting is one of the reasons in order to improve the efficiency of light.

In the early 1940s invented the fluorescent lamp, because of its color close to the sunlight also known as daylight lamp. A filament is arranged on both ends of a fluorescent lamp tube, the tube is filled with mercury vapor thin, on the inner wall of the lamp tube is coated with fluorescent powder, the gas between the two filament conductive emit ultraviolet and fluorescent powder to emit visible light soft. Compared with incandescent lamps, fluorescent lighting efficiency have improved greatly, saves the electrical energy is one of the main components of the fluorescent lamp ballast, which uses the principle of induction, the fluorescent lamp is started to provide instantaneous high pressure; when the lamp works normally, step-down current limiting to ensure fluorescent lights in the low-pressure environment for stable work and prolong the service life of the fluorescent lamp. But the ballast power consumption, weight, size, and noise.Fluorescent lamp in the AC voltage of 50Hz, with the voltage and current changes, the luminous of fluorescent lamp also has a periodic change of light and shade, which can produce a flicker. This kind of flicker is not easy to be perceived, but it is easy to work under the sun lamp, and the eye is easy to fatigue, and it will affect the development of the technology.

Energy saving lamp is the core part of the lamp and electronic ballast. Tube coated with trichromatic fluorescent powder, trichromatic fluorescent powder is a high efficient fluorescent powder, can emit brighter light, than the standard fluorescent lamp closer to the sun light, the fluorescence powder can improve the luminous efficiency of the electronic ballast works: by the rectifier circuit of 50Hz AC into DC rectifier, by high frequency generating circuit for converting the direct current into about 30kHz high frequency alternating current and after LC circuit of lamp power supply. The LC circuit of energy-saving lamps in the use of self inductance phenomenon. Electronic ballast by electronic components, low power consumption, light weight, can be conveniently installed inside the lamp, greatly reducing the lamp of the weight, the more prominent feature is after increasing the working frequency and not feel the light flicker that is easy to start up, no noise and save electric energy. A 9W energy saving lamp is equivalent to the light effect of 60W incandescent lamp. In addition, the lamp can be made into various shapes, can play a decorative effect, so energy-saving lamps into the interior decoration of fashion lamps. Due to the high efficiency of the electronic energy saving lamp, no pollution, no noise, no flicker, is known as the "green light source". It will become the home of the main electric light source.

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