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What's the Construction of the high pressure sodium ballast?
2013-07-08 07:20:41

The Construction of the high pressure sodium ballast:
(A) by the HPS ballast silicon steel, enameled ring, skeleton cover, bottom plate (shell), terminals and other components.
(B) Coil: generating induced emf. In case of power, because there is a certain resistance coil will produce power loss, the resulting rise in temperature thermal energy ballast, the ballast is easy to accelerate aging. In order to reduce the resistance of the coil, try to use high purity copper enameled wire imports.
Silicon steel sheet: block conductor in a changing magnetic field, the conductor in the entire internal cause induced current, commonly known as "eddy", it will cause energy consumption, temperature rise. In the ballast, in order to enhance the strength of the magnetic induction cores are used, but because of the presence of eddy currents to be insulated from each other using a thin silicon steel lamination core formed, rather than the core piece, to reduce eddy current bring loss.
Bottom: fixed installation role.
Skeleton: Fixed coils, chip, easy wiring role.
Terminals: wiring up the role of the ballast circuit connected in series to go.


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