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What's the Digital hid ballasts?
2015-06-16 22:57:40

With the brand new Green Series Digital HID ballasts from James, the only on earth to give quite a few revolutionary cost-saving capabilities like Several Bulb Capability; now a single ballast can operate either HPS or MH bulbs with equal efficiency for reduced stock and decision (municipality applications) and for functionality (greenhouse/hydroponics market). The DHID ballast operates at 97% efficiency and as a result coverts just about all input power into lumen output (118lm/W luminous efficacy). Without any heat developed, end-users equally benefit with lowered Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning electrical energy expenditures and that is ideally suited for the refrigeration/cold storage market and greenhouse/hydroponics marketplace.

The new Green Series operates High-Pressure Sodium (HPS), Metal Halide (MH), and Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) High-Intensity Discharge (HID) light bulbs. Applications include retrofit improve and new Green lighting projects for street lighting, parking whole lot, factory/warehouse, retail, airport, sports field/stadium, greenhouse/hydroponics, aquarium, and solar/wind renewable vitality lighting.

Dimming HID Lamps Saves Sector Vitality and Income The application flexibility supplied by GloGreen DHID lighting from Jamescreates lots of different methods for you to cut back your lighting prices. Dimming HID lamps by 50%-70% when people or vehicles are certainly not existing can make a lot of sense in energy financial savings as well as even more extends the lifespan of your lamp. The upgrade is easy along with the return on investment is outstanding. With area Power Utilities and Government entities supplying significant rebates to the retrofit or new set up of DHID ballasts and fixtures these days, your project is paid off in 6-12 months and with pretty minimum expenses incurred in excess of the complete lifetime with the system.

Direct Digital Ignition (DDI) micro-processor technologies makes it possible for for that optimum operation of your HID bulb in two stages; it controls the ignition system, providing a precise soft-strike of Voltage to ignite the bulb to 100% energy in 60 seconds (as opposed to 10-15 minutes with standard magnetic ballast); it controls and monitors (inside a closed loop) the operation on the bulb right after it can be ignited, guaranteeing the most efficient consumption of bulb gases. DDI extends the daily life on the bulb by 100%, and ensures the light brightness and lumen penetration/throw output will never degrade in excess of 5% more than the complete daily life in the HID bulb (95% lumen servicing). With HID bulbs now lasting 50,000 hours or much more, expensive relamping is no longer essential because originally specified lumen ranges will hardly ever lower; meaning lamp improvements are truly in the finish with the lamp's lifespan.

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