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Electronic ballasts for lamps does not start protection
2013-03-05 06:23:22

Electronic ballasts for lamps does not start protection. With a rectifier links, a RC network , a voltage divider , a delay trigger circuit  and a thyristor switch. The protector directly or through damping capacitor and contains the master oscillator capacitor does not include the inductance of the main oscillation is detected branch sections for sampling voltage the delay capacitor charging, at least from thefluorescent ballasts LCR branch Dentsu light does not start trigger conduction in the state where a non-contact switch, will be detected branched sections approximate short-circuiting or the damping capacitance into branched sections is detected, forcing where slip damping current limiting to protect the components in the branch and main circuit where against long high-frequency or over-current damage, while the other branch is business as usual. The easy and flexible, safe and reliable.

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