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Energy saving lamp and ballast
2015-10-03 01:28:45
Self - ballast fluorescent lamps is often a massive place of energy-saving lighting merchandise, usually called electronic energy-saving lamps or energy-saving lamp. Energy-saving lamps typically by the lamp holder, plastic shell and internal electronic ballasts, fluorescent tubes, that is convenient for use, along with the ratio of incandescent lighting luminous efficiency of five ~ 10 times larger, the common life expectancy of in excess of six times.
A), Lamp holder size. The lamp holder in national typical for screw cap or bayonet lamp. Cap quality relates to energy-saving lamps of interchangeability and safety towards electric shock and also other protection prerequisites, cap the dimension of unqualified conveniently result in broke off through the lamp holder, lamp and electrical shock danger
B), Mechanical power. Mechanical strength is really a measure with the lamp holder as well as the lamp entire body with sturdy degree of index, conventional lamp should be plus the lamp body is firmly connected need to be capable to stand up to a particular torque. If the lamp holder, a lamp shell amongst the connection strength is as well low, customers can install or exchange the lamp when screwed in or out of the torque is very likely to bring about in the lamp holder and also the lamp shell, ranging from your impact of light use, induced heavy internal wire breakage and quick circuit
C), existence time. The common existence expectancy of the regular necessities for energy saving lamps shall not be much less than 6000h. Extended service daily life is definitely an critical advantage of the use of energy-saving lamps, the current part of the production enterprises due to circuit design is unreasonable, the usage of bad good quality lamps or electronic components, leading to the typical services lifestyle of your lamp is far significantly less than 6000h, along with the consistency is extremely bad, giving consumers a sense of energy saving
D), harmonic latest. Harmonic existing needs to be as compact as is possible. Due to the size and expense of energy-saving lamps together with other motives, the majority of energy-saving lamps are made of lower electrical power aspect, harmonic current.

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