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How does fluorescent electronic ballast work?
2013-02-07 22:12:12

Energy-saving lamps electronic ballasts works as follows:

1. 220V AC power through the five filtering after the bridge rectifier and a capacitor in the electronic energy-saving ballast work becomes a direct voltage of about 310V working voltage to two transistor inverter circuit.

2 when the electronic ballast power, rectified DC voltage, added first starting circuit, DC power is applied to the capacitor 2 through the resistor, and to start charging. When the charge on the capacitor reaches the breakover voltage of the trigger diode, the trigger diode from the off state to the conductive state. Integrating capacitor the charge stored by the trigger diode is applied to switch the base of the oscillation transistor, a base current, thus stimulating the transistor conduction.

3 start-up circuit is just the beginning of the work of an instant electronic ballasts work until the inverter circuit into the normal state switching oscillation work, you no longer need to activate the trigger voltage of the circuit.

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