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What's the high pressure mercury ballast?
2017-10-02 23:03:46

What's the high pressure mercury ballast?  High pressure mercury bulb, also called high pressure mercury lamp, a gas discharge light source. It has the advantages of high light efficiency, long life and good shockproof performance; but there are also color discrimination rate is low, lit Kai Hui Long, supply voltage decreased by 5% there will be self extinguishing and closed for 5 to 10 minutes in the bulb mercury vapor pressure drop to re ignite and other shortcomings.

American Mercury Vapor Ballast Section: Mercury Vapor ballasts have now been discreased,and are generally no longer big quantity.Some Metal Halide ballasts will also operate the equal,Mercury Vapor lamp - 175w, 250w, 400w and 1000w.
The mercury vapor lamp is a high intensity discharge lamp. It uses an arc through vaporized mercury in a high pressure tube to create very bright light directly from it's own arc.

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