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What's the problem of current led street lamps?
2017-10-05 22:53:46

LED street lamps compare to the traditional street light has some advantages, but because the start time of LED street lamp is very short, now is still at the exploratory period, some of the LED street lamp appeared a lot of doubt in the demonstration of the use of, and we did not reach the expected effect.

Today, LED street lighting manufacturers have varying degrees of doubt:

(1) practice luminous power lower than the high-pressure sodium lamp lamp in the lighting effect on surface brightness is low, poor uniformity, "zebra effect" with obvious, only satisfied with low level of illumination distance, such as pole in the road 8 meters.

(2) color temperature is too high, dazzling, no sense of comfort

(3) the function of heat, the temperature is too high, resulting in severe decline by poor reliability.

(4) the driving power supply function is bad, the shortcoming is one after another incessantly, from the LED street lamp early failure situation, more than 95% shortcomings are formed by the damage of the driving circuit.

(5) the cost is too high, the one-time investment is too large, and become a major bottleneck in promoting the use of.

(6) because there is no uniform LED street lamp technical standard, the products of different manufacturers have poor universality, so it is very difficult to protect.

There are many reasons for these questions, both in the technical level and in the mindset.

In fact, the LED street lamp maker is a systems engineering. Because the LED light source is different from the high pressure sodium lamp, the LED street lamp is different from the traditional street lamp in the way of planning. In addition to the planning experience of lighting, planning personnel need to have a full and deep understanding of the function of LED.

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