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How to analysis the compact fluorescent ballasts problem?
2013-02-07 22:20:36

Energy-saving lamps the growing popularity of electronic ballasts to reduce energy consumption, save energy, the development direction of the light source. The failure of the majority of the energy-saving lamps electronic ballast out. The check should first be visually inspected, and then can be energized to detect. The following are several typical failure analysis:

1, the lamp can be the starter, but obviously flashing, two capacitor has a capacitance value decreases; these two electrolytic capacitors both from the power supply filtering role and participate in the oscillation capacitance decreases the charge and discharge currents should decrease cause the lamp flashes.

2, the lamp can not afford hui and only at both ends of shiny (sometimes red), most of the starter capacitor breakdown over time the filament to be damaged, which is the most sensitive double U-shaped lamps. In addition, the filter capacitor value is reduced to 1μF or starter capacitance value too small will roll aperture (also called spiral light) and accompanied by flashing.

3,30 to 40 watt straight tube fluorescent lamp ballasts in two parts mounted on both ends of the tube, to facilitate the replacement of the lamp filament line detachable elastic connection (this U-shaped energy-saving lamps). Note: To check the installed lamp filament line connected before power, if the power does not shine and then adjust the lamp, the adjustment process can easily damage the transistor. Bound amplitude high because the electronic ballast operating at 20kHz or more high-frequency oscillating conditions, the filament is part of the oscillation loop, the loop inductance of the capacitors are energy storage element, the filament circuit intermittent off line the sharp pulse, it is easy breakdown transistor. For to adjust lamp is Sagong habits inductive ballast fluorescent lamps energized, electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps should first turn off the power and then adjust.

4,Compact fluorescent ballasts small wattage carbon membrane resistance welding time is not too long, excessive heat to make both ends of the lead cap crimping loose, resistance becomes unstable; especially in triode b pole in series circuit, it will intermittent oscillation even breakdown pipe, and difficult to the point of failure, check out the best of not less than 1/4 watt metal film resistors.

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