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What's the capacitor and hps ballast?
2013-07-08 07:14:22

Electrolytic capacitors: Impregnated with a paste electrolyte absorbent paper clip in the middle of two winding made of aluminum foil, a thin oxide film as a capacitor dielectric. Because there is unidirectional conductive oxide film nature, electrolytic capacitors have polarity.
Various electrolytic capacitors, large capacity, can withstand a large ripple current.
Capacity error, leakage current is large; ordinary high and low temperatures are not suitable in applications, should not be used at frequencies above 25kHz.,Low frequency bypassing, signal coupling, power supply filtering.
Tantalum sintered tantalum electrolytic capacitor blocks as anode, electrolyte using solid manganese dioxide.
Temperature characteristics, frequency characteristics and reliability superior to the ordinary electrolytic capacitor, in particular small leakage current, good storage stability, long life, capacity error is small, and the volume is small, the unit volume can be obtained under the maximum capacitance voltage product.
Images on a variety of film capacitor ripple current tolerance of difference, if the damage was easy to short-circuit condition.
Ultra-small parts in high reliability.
High pressure sodium ballast (inductance ballast) is a core coil, when the nature of the inductor current in the coil is changed, then the magnetic flux induced in the coil will change, thus generating an induced electromotive force, the direction and the current direction On the contrary, thus hindering current changes. Used in floodlight fixture.

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