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The circular lamp electronic ballasts
2013-02-25 05:55:04

The circular lamp electronic ballasts, including into the line (1), the electronic ballasts shell (2), the ring the lampholders (3) into the line (1) on the side of the electronic ballasts shell (2),ballast main components within the ballast shell (2) is loaded, the annular lamp socket (3) is installed in the electronic ballast casing (2), so that the annular lamp socket (3) with the electronic ballast aggregateas a whole. Ring lampholders best the ring four holes fluorescent lamps into the line can be a a soft wire connection or push-button or bolt terminals connected. Ring lampholders of the utility model created with electronic ballasts together as one, reduce the line connection, both beautiful and easy to use, and can also reduce costs. Into line with a push-button or bolt terminals connected to the assembly of wiring quite convenient, help to improve the performance and reliability of the product, and to extend the life of the product, and easy maintenance.

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