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What's the cold cathode fluorescent lamp?
2013-03-25 08:01:48

Annular cold cathode fluorescent lamp, which comprises at least one annular translucent containers, each annular translucent container within at least one, each of at least a lap the annular cold cathode fluorescent tube, cold cathode fluorescent tubes of the said ring with at least one lampthe tube fixing device is fixed within said annular translucent container, at least one electronic ballast and its housing, an electrical connector, said drive, and its housing and the electrical connector located in said at least one annular ring of a translucent container axis, thedivision of said drive casing and said annular translucent container therebetween at least one connecting and fixing means for said second portion are connected to each other and fixed to form an integral lamp; which can be made of high-power, high luminous efficiency, longlife, the output light flux of up to thousands of lm or higher, the output light can be wide-range continuous dimming, a variety of different luminescent colors, output light of the color or color temperature adjustable or discoloration of the cold cathode fluorescent lamps, and other characteristics.



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