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Energy-saving lamps and compact fluorescent ballasts
2013-02-07 21:48:33

Electronic energy-saving lamps and compact fluorescent ballasts are low voltage starter, no flicker, no noise, energy efficient, turn on the lights instantly bright, long life (3000 hours or more, the advantages for ordinary incandescent lamp 3 times), very popular with consumersWelcome (especially in areas with frequent power voltage fluctuations).

Electronic energy-saving lamps with glass cover type and bare type. Glass cover and the ball ball columnar process type three series, the first two series have a fully transparent, engraving, color engraving and milky four varieties. It has a beautiful appearance, not easily damaged lamp installation, impact-resistant and other advantages; exposed type H type, UH, 3U, 4U, 2D and spiral type. By glowing colors, and can be divided into red, green, blue, yellow (color temperature of 2700K is a warm light, similar to incandescent light color), white (color temperature of to 6400K the majority, is a cool light similar to fluorescent lamps light color); while a color temperature of 5000K lamps light color close to natural light, no stimulation of the eyes, is more suitable for the students and the fine work. This article describes the electronic energy-saving lamps circuit shown in Figure 1, the plate is shown in Figure 2. The circuit has been added to the soft-start (the filament preheating) circuit, extend lamp life.electronic ballasts and more used in goggles the lights and export lamps.

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