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How to control the brightness of the fluorescent lamp?
2013-03-09 07:37:10

Low frequency AC main power supply to control the brightness of the fluorescent lamp, wherein the lamp has a related, provide better high-frequency power source, the electronic ballasts, the ballast includes a microprocessor, the microprocessor control is supplied to the lamp through the ballast electricitythe frequency of the periodic variation of the frequency of the supply to the lamp by starting and the end of the cycle changes, so that the frequency of the electric power when the desired luminance is reached in accordance with the expectations of the operator changes. The periodic variation of the frequency by the control switch in series with the main power supply (e.g., opening / closing switch) the operation start. Frequency cycle start instantly by controlling the opening operation. In an alternative embodiment, a control switch is a dimmer switch of the suppressed part of each cycle of the main power supply, the frequency change is initiated by the control switch. In a further embodiment, the periodic variation of the frequency of the external transmit signal is received by the microprocessor, to start, for example, directed to the ballasts in the IR sensor of the infrared signal or boot to a radio receiver is integrated in the ballast the radio frequency signal. The fluorescent tube is detachably mounted to the fluorescent ballasts unit forming part of the lampholder.


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