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What's the digital electronic ballast?
2015-06-03 08:50:36
Florescent lighting fixtures make use of a ballast system to regulate the amount of electrical current supplied towards lamp. With no ballast, the florescent lamp would overheat and wear out within one second. Magnetic ballast systems regulate the volume of current, however, not the frequency from which the current operates the lamp, inducing the lamp to flicker.

Digital electronic ballasts limit the electrical current
as well as the frequency of current using modern electronic components. The advanced technology creates a more uniform current from the lamp, producing less flicker than magnetic ballasts.

Audible Noise core ballasts
build a hum perceptible through the human ear, which increases because the temperature on the lamp rises. Digital ballasts will not create a perceptible audible noise.

Digital Ballast Advantages weigh
less than magnetic ballasts, use less electricity and raise the life of the lamp, because of more regulated frequency of electrical current. Digital ballasts can control the electrical current of up to four lamps at some point, as opposed to one magnetic ballast per lamp.Using Digital BallastsDigital ballasts are built to work with existing florescent lighting equipment, both old and new, and do not require purchasing newer lamp technology.

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