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What's the dimmable energy saving lamp?
2013-06-03 08:20:02

Dimmable energy saving lamps, including lamp holder, provided with electronic ballasts and energy-saving lamp lumen tube, electronic ballast provided with rectifier filter circuit, a voltage controlled oscillating half-bridge circuit, a series resonant circuit and microcontroller processing circuit, microcontroller processing circuit input terminal connected to the working state detection circuit, the output of the processing circuit chip through the signal conversion circuit and the voltage controlled oscillating half-bridge circuit; advantage that working state detection circuit detects the power-off state of the switch changes, the microcontroller output different PWM signal, and converts the average voltage, the average voltage input after fitting half-bridge circuit the voltage controlled oscillator input terminal, and the working frequency of the electronicballast according to a controlled source current required to change, brightness adjustment of the light source to achieve ; the invention of the power switch off conversion to achieve light brightness adjustment, eliminating the dimmer switch, and the installation of electrical wiring without the original transformation.

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