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What's the dimming electronic ballast?
2013-04-28 05:21:19

 In order to adapt to the different requirements of various occasions, the metal halide lamp the appropriate dimming is necessary in this regard is undoubtedly the best electronic ballasts can basically achieve stepless dimming, and inductive generally only form of stepped dimming electronic ballast  more economical. However, the metal halide lamp dimming is restricted by its own characteristics, when the metal halide lamp at a smaller output power, luminous efficiency due to the low pressure within the arc tube of the lamp is significantly reduced. In terms of the quartz arc tube metal halide lamp power and significantly reduced (approximately 50% and the following output) light emitted harmonic line, the proportion of UV will be significantly exceeded, this phenomenon aspects of the lamp which emits visible light further decline in the efficiency of translucent glass lamps on the other hand, must take further measures to prevent the UV component is not exceeded in normal lighting. Therefore, for the purposes of the metal halide lamp, the electronic ballast can be achieved in the 100% to 20% dimming, but the practical application generally only suitable for metal halide used in the ceramic arc tube, and taking into account their efficiency, adjusting 100% to 40% range of the light is generally preferable.

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