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What's the disadvantage of electronic ballast?
2013-10-21 06:21:05

The electronic ballast biggest disadvantage is its harmonic components contained in the larger, and the grid will cause the formation of harmonic pollution , thus breaking the three phase power . Furthermore, if a large number of electronic ballasts to work together, such as likely to cause tripping , electronic ignition or interference phenomena may also cause a lot of damage to electronic ballasts , or even cause a fire , resulting in significant economic losses. Therefore, we must take effective measures to suppress the harmonics . In practical operation , the control of the base path , there are four : First, add a mixture of quantitative inductive ballast , the introduction of high power factor low harmonic component hybrid ballast , for the implementation of green lighting is very beneficial ; Second designing effective correction compensation device , to improve the circuit power factor, reduce harmonics. This approach increases the cost is not high , it is more practical choice ; three is to promote the application of soft-switching technology soft-switching technology mainly through the switching circuit in the original , based on a small increase in the inductance or capacitance resonant electronic components, Construction of auxiliary commutation network , making the switching process before and after the formation of the resonance phenomenon . Before the opening of the first switching voltage drops to zero or close to zero before the current first can be solved during switching voltage and current overlap , reducing its rate of change . Soft switching technique to control the switch running track, thereby reducing the electromagnetic interference and enhance the efficiency of power conversion circuits , enhanced product safety and reduces the weight and volume of electronic ballasts , etc. largely reduce or even eliminate the loss of the and switching noise . Fourth, the development of an active filter, which uses the PWM technique , the harmonic components can be effectively reduced . And the filtering effect is very obvious , has been widely used in highly developed countries, but it has a high cost , however , the complex structure of the shortcomings in our current economic and technological development level , do not apply this method.

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