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The efficiency of metal halide ballast and lamp
2013-04-28 05:09:42

A well-designed European standard metal halide ballast match with the metal halide lamp the highest optical conversion efficiency. American standard metal halide ballast ahead peak structure, the lamp current at the zero crossing interrupt time (OT) larger Therefore, under the conditions in the same power input to the lamp, the electrically light conversion efficiency than about European standard metal halide lamp ballasts low of 0.5% to 2%.
The current frequency of the metal halide ballasts output to about 40KHz to 50Hz, it should be said that the lamp current zero crossing interrupt time (OT) is almost negligible, but experiments have proven that high intensity discharge lamp in the same electrical power input Time, than the frequency the same as the electric power input to the same lamp when the light efficiency is low, especially at 250W and above, this phenomenon is more obvious, electrically light conversion efficiency of approximately 1.5% to 3% lower. The principle of this phenomenon is not yet clear, but this phenomenon is described on the low-pressure discharge fluorescent lamp, its luminous efficiency of about 5% to 8% increase in the high frequency field, but in the high-intensity gas-discharge with high-frequency lighting not only did the effect of light has increased, but decreased at high power levels, the efficiency of the lamp.

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